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Just what is LoudFest?

Live Music

We pack the region's best bands in for 4 days and 3 nights - just for you. Keep checking back for more additions to this year's line up!


It's not just the music - this year we're packing the weekend with even more great things to do - from beer pong to belly flops!

Great Food

BBQ, Burritos, Burgers, Steak Tips, Cold Drinks - If it can be made outside or put on a stick - we want to feed it to you.

Get Loud

For one weekend a year - we want you to drop your worries, stress, job, and responsibilities... And come Get Loud. The weather is warm, the beer is cold, the food is delicious, and the band just started. Come #getloud

What is this?

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Show Us How You Get Loud Contest

Loudfesters – We want to hook you up! Show us how you #getloud!

Go to our facebook page and sign up
Step 1:
DOWNLOAD THIS FLYER and print it! Then hang it up or get your […]

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Map Goodness

If you get lost, just follow the map. All roads lead to LoudFest 2013.

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LOUDFEST 2013: June 20-24. #getloud